Saturday, February 18, 2012

1 Chronicles 16 & Psalm 105 - An Anthem of Praise to God

LINK: 1 Chronicles 16 & Psalm 105


The Ark is in its rightful place (with Asaph in charge), and there is reason for national rejoicing. God's presence is in the midst of His people! This hymn of thanksgiving is a compilation of three different Psalms. In today's reading you do double duty because 1 Chronicles 16:8-22 correspond almost word-for-word with Psalm 105:1-15. After this, flip over to Psalm 105 and continue praising God in Psalm 105:16-45 as David recalls God's past acts on behalf of Israel. It is a "history song" recalling God's faithfulness from Abraham to the Promised Land!


Reflect upon what God has done in your life by recalling where you have come from. How did He lead you to Himself and deliver You from captivity? Praise Him for this as you read this psalm.


Thank You that, like Israel, You have protected me while I sojourned in "other lands" far away from You. Thank You that You sovereignly led me out of captivity and into Your very presence. I give You praise for deliverance from darkness into Your wonderful and glorious light. You redeemed me from bondage so that I might obey Your word. Hallelujah!
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