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1 Chronicles 12 - Celebration from All Over Israel

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The background about Ziklag can be found in the 1 Samuel 27 post. The 23 listed in 12:3-7 are people from Saul's tribe of Benjamin who had defected and joined David. This list is in contrast to the one in 11:26-47 who are tribesman of Judah. 

The men in 12:8-18 are from the tribe of Gad, , Benjamin and Judah (see map).  They associated themselves because they knew that God was with David (remember there is a priestly emphasis in Chronicles). 

The men in 12:19-22 were from Manasseh and mentions the story in 1 Samuel 29.  

The many soldiers who are mentioned in 12:23-40 were from many different tribes indicating that David had support throughout Israel. This fact was not recorded in the 2 Samuel account. 

The chapter ends with a joyous celebration over the crowning of David as king!


"There were plentiful supplies of flour, fig cakes, raisin cakes, wine, oil, cattle, and sheep, for there was joy in Israel" (12:40).  Sometimes I think followers of God skimp on celebrations! God wants us to celebrate with joy. Even though you may be reading this in February, I am writing this right after the season of great joy: Christmas!  I love all the celebrations associated with this season. I know some of you reading this do not celebrate because it is theorized that it was  celebrated to replace the Roman winter solstice or ancient page winter festivals so you do not think we should celebrate, but in my opinion, any time you can celebrate Jesus, it is a GOOD thing. So why not continue to celebrate Him throughout the year?

I had been going down this little thought trail when I read this comment for 12:40 in the Life Application Bible:
The people . . . were so overjoyed with David's coronation that they contributed lavishly to the celebration. It is right and proper to give generously for celebration and joyous worship. God is the author of joy, and he will join us in our celebrations. (p. 686)


In addition to God loving celebrations, we can "let our light shine" (Matthew 5:16) during these celebration times. We have such fun and natural conversations with our non-believing friends as we draw them into our lighting of the Advent wreath candles and Jesse Tree readings. 

There are opportunities for JOYOUS celebration throughout the year!  


Have a Praise Feast. Invite people to bring on their donkeys, camels, mules, and oxen (not!) and come together to praise our God and King!

Recently, a mom with a newborn came early to one of our movie nights at our house, and we were still reading Scripture and lighting our Advent candles. We invited her in, and she wanted to know all about it. As a result, I showed her this book:

Celebrating the Christian Year: Building Family Traditions Around All the Major Christian Holiday

There are many used copies on Amazon for this great book!  


We rejoice and celebrate You as our King! Amen. 
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